Customized homes what options would you include?

The concept of building a custom home that’s attuned to your specific interests can be freeing. You can create exactly what you want, and you’re only limited by your budget and your imagination. The home of your dreams can finally become a reality! Yet, that’s where many people get stuck. Faced with the responsibility of making decisions about the details, they become paralyzed by all the possibilities and choices. Not only can this hinder the design process, but it also limits the ultimate vision for their home. You can intricately select each element of your home, though this can prolong your move-in date up to six-months to a year. Or you can choose a spec home, with hand-picked options provided by the builder, ensuring a comfortable living experience without sacrificing your time.

The idea of building your dream home should consider a few custom home features.  Your wish list ought to integrate your vision, needs, and wishes that can greatly enhance your lifestyle at home. A great custom home builder team can achieve your needs and is limited only by your budget and your imagination. Top 7 Custom design features to consider in your next luxury custom home –


1.       Incorporate a Kitchen Nook

Make the most of your kitchen with a cosy breakfast nook! This is another thing to consider when building a house that will save money on furniture later, add striking design flair, and will help maximize your space!


  • Vintage Reclaimed Wood Flooring

 A must-have in today’s custom home is wood flooring, and not just any wood will do.  The distinct buyer is looking for the finest floors that are beautiful, make a statement, traffic resistant, and last a lifetime.  Here we feature dirty top pine floors in one of our client’s homes.


3.       Game room for kids

Sure, your family loves spending time together, but you don’t want all of those activities and electronics out in the middle of high-traffic areas. The game room helps with organizing, and it can contain some special features – like pinball or a big television for gaming.

4.       Balanced Amenities and appliances

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time. The opportunity to make new memories in a fresh setting can fill people with such positivity, it blinds them to potential pitfalls and excessive expenses. Filling your home with cutting edge appliances and expensive extra options can seem appealing at first, but when the bills come and the overall cost of the home rises, any perceived savings can easily be lost.


5.       Ladder Cupboards

Ladder cupboards, or pantry cupboards, have long been a staple in home design – but they’re growing in popularity in modern custom home design. Rather than spreading your dry food goods among multiple cabinets in your home, you can put all of your food in one large, organized built-in cabinet. 

6.       Get Innovative with Stair Design

Looking for modern home ideas? Create a visually engaging focal point in your home when you build a funky staircase. If your new home is following a more traditional design path, Stairs are an incredibly versatile part of your home, so get a little creative!


7.       High ceilings

As more contemporary homeowners opt for one-story affairs instead of multi-story homes, you can increase the feeling of the space by selecting 10- or 11-foot ceilings, instead of the traditional 8 or 9 feet.

If you can dream it, we can design it. Our experienced staff of architects, interior designers, project managers, and construction professionals will listen to what you want in your home and then create the perfect luxury custom home for your family, we hope our list of custom home features proves useful as you assemble your personal wish list for your new dream house! As a potential homeowner, the ability to shed any additional concerns regarding the design and development of your home means more time spent focusing on the memories soon to fill it. With affordable price points, balanced amenities, immediate availability and reduced risk, spec homes are an ideal option for homebuyers hunting for a new construction home.

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